Office AIO believes in the role of design for almost everything tangible : design is ubiquitous and shapes the way we live. Within different aspects of our everyday life, we believe beauty emerges at a balance of simplicity and emotions, interacting with nature. Thus, with devotion, we imbue the philosophy of balance to pervade among designs in our three disciplines - Architecture, Interior and Objects.



    Founded by Tim Kwan and Isabelle Sun in Beijing after practicing architecture in New Zealand, Office AIO now works on commercial and residential projects of various scales across China.


    Office AIO is a design studio offering intimate design services that amalgamate architectural design (A) and interior design (I) consultation and services. Parallel to creating a wholesome spatial experience, Office AIO’s (O) division focuses on customised design of some day-to-day “objects of desire”.


    Through this hierarchy of creation and curation, we aim to evoke a sense of atmosphere and place.

    Office AIO 细腻的融合 建筑 / 空间 / 物品 全面的设计思维,创造连贯理
    性的空间,更注重氛围和感受的营造。协调清晰的空间体量,优化的设计细节,人与空间之间微妙的尺度比例,单纯而深刻的材料搭配,与调和的光质是 Office AIO 所提倡并遵循设计原则。


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    We're currently seeking talents for these positions:


    • Architectural Assistant | 助理建筑设计师
    • Interior Designer | 室内设计师

    OFFICE AIO 是一个位于北京的建筑空间设计公司,主要涉及中小型商业和私人精品空间的建筑改造、室内空间、和定制物件设计,注重空间的创造、气氛的营造、以及细节的实践。设计作品获得过数个国际设计奖项。




    • 建筑/室内设计及相关专业,本科以上学历;
    • 了解建筑/室内设计整体流程,能协助项目主设计师完成:设计方 案、深化设计、设计图纸完成、项目设计监督管理;
    • 热爱设计,思路清晰细心,设计表达力强,具有学习接受能力、沟通、和执行能力,有良好的团队协作意识;
    • 需要具有英文沟通和书信能力;
    • 熟练操作以下制图和设计软件:AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, V-Ray, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office


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