Office AIO believes in the role of design for almost everything tangible : design is ubiquitous and shapes the way we live. Within different aspects of our everyday life, we believe beauty emerges at a balance of simplicity and emotions, interacting with nature. Thus, with devotion, we imbue the philosophy of balance to pervade among designs in our three disciplines - Architecture, Interior and Objects.



    Founded by Tim Kwan and Isabelle Sun in Beijing after practicing architecture in New Zealand, Office AIO now works on commercial and residential projects of various scales across China.


    Office AIO is a design studio offering intimate design services that amalgamate architectural design (A) and interior design (I) consultation and services. Parallel to creating a wholesome spatial experience, Office AIO’s (O) division focuses on customised design of some day-to-day “objects of desire”.


    Through this hierarchy of creation and curation, we aim to evoke a sense of atmosphere and place.


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    Personal Assistant | 行政助理

    Project Manager | 项目经理

    Design Assistant | 助理设计师




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