Founded in 2014 Office AIO is a Beijing based boutique design studio offering intimate design services from Architecture to Interiors to customised Objects. Founders Tim Kwan and Isabelle Sun believes in the importance of wholesome, balanced, tasteful and thorough spatial experiences. Office AIO understands how great design values emerges through development of genuine, original solutions that not only answers client's practical design objectives, but ones that treat unique conditions imposed on a project as opportunities rather than constraints; thus, the result to each project is a response, in close dialogue with both its physical and strategic context.

    Office AIO 细腻的融合 建筑 / 空间 / 物品 全面的设计思维,创造连贯理
    性的空间,更注重氛围和感受的营造。协调清晰的空间体量,优化的设计细节,人与空间之间微妙的尺度比例,单纯而深刻的材料搭配,与调和的光质是 Office AIO 所提倡并遵循设计原则。